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Today in the news, the United States Congress has delivered impeachment articles to the United States Senate. CNN offers some insight, “ As the fourth Senate impeachment trial of a president in US history gets underway, there are still two big questions looming over the Democrats' impeachment case: Whether they will seek witnesses and how long the trial will take. The answers to both are still not known yet, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter.” The clear message that comes from the impeachment trial is to prevent the president from running again in the future.

The national medial companies correspond anguish and frustration with the people polled that they do not want to see Trump run again. Many mixed feelings of what to expect in the midterms are still up for debate. The Democrats had a poor showing at the 2020 election within the house and state capitals that one can imagine if they do a poor job with all three branches, they may be in the hot seat.

National polls show that the two Congress houses are profoundly unpopular and do not find them trustworthy or in favor of the American People. If the American people do not see the necessary results from both Republicans and Democrats alike, there could be a purge of old establishment members for new, fresh blood that is considered needed in today's climate of change.

American citizens' fundamental values have shifted from war, social issues to the majority concern in economic security, the pandemic, and governmental leadership. It is understood that Americans feel change is necessary for a changing world with new views. As a country, one can know that we are shifting will need all aspects of society to come on board to help change our future for the best. Hopefully, we see some improvements within the new government, but some are hesitant to old crony establishment ways of politics; time will tell!

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